Ensuring your employees are working to achieve the same goals

Your people are a vital part of your business and aligning them behind your mission and vision for the business is essential. How they view their role, the beliefs they have about what is achievable and what is expected of them are important elements to get right if the organization is to reach its development goals. We examine their capabilities and generate the right behaviours that will lead them to success.
Ask yourself…

TEAM: Do your employees work together as a team?

RELATE: Does your team identify with your business?

ROLES: What level of understanding do your team members have about their role?

CONTRIBUTE: Do they feel able to contribute to the development of the business?

VALUED: Do you let your team members know when they do well?

RESULTS: Do they know how successful the business is (profit, growth, opportunity)?

MANAGE: Do you have the management skills to move the organisation forward?

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