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Fresh ideasfor growing your business

In a fast changing business world all businesses can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes looking at their strategy and direction. Expert advice and friendly, practical support will make the changes necessary to develop possible.

Profit fromyour hidden potential

Can you realise additional profit from your existing business through developing more efficient business practices?

Your teamcan be your greatest asset

Your team is a vital part of your business and aligning them behind your mission and vision for the business is essential.

“Change favours only, the prepared mind.”Louis Pasteur

Who we are

We’ve all done it before - successfully! With over 30 years experience of helping SMEs to grow, we are ideally placed to help you realise your business aspirations and unlock the potential profit your business can deliver. Waving Cat is a small focused team of experienced business professionals who work with a limited number of clients, which ensures a personal and custom service.

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What we do

Our business support is hands-on, practical and highly results orientated. Our goal is to facilitate change by training you and your team to take your business forward. Our goal isn’t to become a parasite attached to your business but to provide support and services when you need them. Through an in-depth business review, which incorporates your goals and aspirations, we create a strategic plan that will focus your organisation's energy and resources on growth.

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